To help students choose the best class for them, here are brief descriptions of each of our regularly scheduled classes.
Students may register ahead of time (we find that makes it easier to commit to your practice!), but pre-registration for regular classes is not required.


Sunday, 9:00-10:30am Tuesday, 5:30-6:45pm


These energetic and creative classes move students from one posture to another in a continuous flow while linking movements to the breath with the aim of creating freedom in the body, peace of mind, and the ability to move mindfully and authentically with an emphasis on proper alignment. We will begin to break down and demystify more advanced asanas (postures) while threading an introduction to pranayama (extension of the prana or breath) and various forms of meditation throughout each class.

Variations of each asana will be offered so each student will be able to experience the benefits of each asana while listening to the needs of their body.


Body Balance Yoga

Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30-9:45am


Body Balance Yoga blends the wisdom of traditional yoga practice and instruction with an exploration of anatomy and therapeutics to create a system focused on deep awareness of body-mind integration. Classes vary from week to week based on the needs and interests of the students present, and over time will explore the biomechanics of a full range of yoga poses. (Appropriate for all levels.)


Flow &



This all-levels class starts out with an active, flowing sequence designed to sync movement and breath and to help energize and strengthen both body and mind. The class then winds down with a few restorative postures—using blankets, bolsters, and blocks for support, allowing the body to relax through passive stretching.



Thursday, 7:30-8:15am



Begin your Thursday with 45 minutes of mindfulness practice—beginning with some mindful movement and followed by a longer sitting practice. This group is led by Jeanne Ann Whittington and other regular group participants. It’s fine to come dressed in your work clothes, or in yoga clothes. There is no fee for the meditation group, but donations are accepted, which are given to local non-profit organizations as decided by members of the group.



Saturday, 8:30-9:45am



Similar to All Levels Flow, this class will link movement to breath with the aim of creating freedom in the body, peace in the mind, and the ability to move mindfully with an emphasis on proper alignment. However, this class will be conducted at a faster pace and will build internal heat; increase stamina, strength, and flexibility; and promote stress reduction. Inversions will be incorporated into Power Flow classes. It is recommended that students have some experience with an asana (posture) practice before attending this class. Be prepared to sweat!


Flow & Go



This is our lunchtime version of All Levels Flow. Get all the benefits of All Levels Flow in just 60 minutes!



Monday, 5:00-6:00pm


In this class, students are encouraged to move mindfully and connect movement with breath during sequences in which postures are held a little longer and transitions between postures are slower than in an All Levels Flow class. Students will be introduced to techniques that will increase their flexibility and strength while quieting the mind in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace. Great for beginners!






Enjoy the quiet, detoxifying, meditative practice of Yin Yoga. This class utilizes long-held passive poses to nourish and realign the body’s vital energy. This practice is beneficial for preventing joint rigidity and immobility, and helps the body repair at the cellular level. Some of the additional benefits of a Yin practice include: aiding digestion, increasing flexibility, organ detoxification, and emotional processing. The long-held postures allow the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, joints, and fascia) to release tension and resistance while strengthening to create postural improvement, ease in movement, and an overall balanced and harmonized well-being. This class is a wonderful complementary practice to any Yang or vinyasa/strength practice.