Jeanne Ann Whittington:  L. Ac, RYT

Jeanne Ann Whittington: L. Ac, RYT

Jeanne Ann Whittington
L. Ac, RYT

Many years ago, running around campus on Friday afternoons to burn off the stress of a week of classes, Jeanne Ann observed the magical power of physical movement to shift her inner experience in a positive direction. She's been fascinated with the mysterious integrity of our mind/body experience ever since, and moved to New England in 1982 to practice, live, and work at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She graduated from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland in 1990, and currently maintains a practice in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine here in Concord.

She began her yoga journey in the early 70s with the PBS TV program "Lilias! Yoga and You," and took her first in-person yoga class over 25 years ago. She maintained a very committed and beneficial but basically uninspired daily practice for years—until 2002, when an unexpectedly fun and uplifting Anusara Yoga workshop inspired her to undertake her yoga practice much more wholeheartedly.

Jeanne Ann completed Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian in 2006. She has continued her yoga studies since that time, and has developed a particular interest in yoga as therapy, both for folks with injuries and for those of us with normal aches and pains and a wish to feel more ease, comfort, and even delight in our bodies. Her primary teacher in the last 5 years has been Jenny Otto, and she has been certified by Jenny as a teacher of Body Balance Yoga.

Jeanne Ann is grateful to the Blossom Yoga community for the opportunity to practice and teach among such dedicated and warm-hearted community, and to the many teachers, fellow students, and friends who have provided inspiration, guidance, and companionship along the way.